Dancing with Gogos

Dancing with Gogos
A Peace Corps Memoir by

Gary P. Cornelius

a first-person account of his 14 months living in Zulu villages with the Peace Corps

Gary's second book, Dancing with Gogos, is now available. It is a first-person account of his 14 months living in Zulu villages as a Peace Corps volunteer in rural South Africa. It's about the culture, the food, the country, the politics and the history; about what it's like to be a 50-plus volunteer in an international organization of mostly 20-something "Millenials."

But more than anything it's a story about people and relationships Zulu villagers acclimating to the 21st Century and trying to survive in areas with unemployment rates above 50% and the highest HIV/AIDS rates in the world. Places where local city councilors trying to improve their villages, towns and cities are routinely assassinated for their political beliefs. About people trying to overcome 500 years of oppression.

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Crashing through the Underbrush by Gary P Cornelius

Crashing Through the Underbrush
A novel by

Gary P. Cornelius

Stories of struggle and perseverance in the world of disabilities

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Gary and his dog CarlyGary's first book, Crashing Through the Underbrush, a novel about people with mental illness and those who support them, is also available. It contains stories of tragedy, death, and the heartbreak of people who have significant psychiatric and/or other disabilities, and their loved ones.

But it also has stories of hope, recovery, stability and the range of human emotions and experiences. It is at times humorous, poignant, sad, exciting, outrageous and memorable and may make you laugh, cry, or angry and everything in between.

Gary plans to donate a portion of the proceeds of the sale of both books to appropriate non-profits that support people with disabilities, and African NGOs.