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Greetings from South Africa—I’m still trying to figure out how to access the Internet reliably and regularly, and have had to be very creative just to do this short update.
I’m in the village of Bundu, in the province of Npumalanga, about 2 hours from Pretoria, the capital. I estimate about 1500 people live here. There’s one or two paved roads; most are dirt. Cattle, goats, and chickens roam the roads freely. Have also seen 2 dead snakes, smashed in the road. I live with an older couple who speak only Zulu and Afrikaans, no English. She cares for a 5 year old grandson and he works 10-12 hours a day, 7 days a week, chasing monkeys and baboons away from crops at a commercial farm. My days are busy and full with language lessons in Zulu and other cultural and technical info I need to know. It’s 95-100 degrees every day.
I’m part of a group of 36, 30 of them women, who are the 25th group of PC trainees to enter South Africa. The group includes 2 married couples. I’m the 7th oldest. The honor of oldest goes to Vivian, a 78 year old African-American great-grandma from Austin, TX. She’s the same age President Jimmy Carter’s mother, “Miss Lillian”, was when she joined PC and served in India.
Will post again when I can. Could be several weeks. —Gary

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  1. Hello Mr. Cornelius. Greetings from Austin Texas. My name is Glenn Dunlap and I am Vivian’s son. My sister, Valarie, stumbled upon your post and was excited to see that you mentioned our mother in your blog. It is great to hear that the South Africa 25 group is settling into life as Peace Corp volunteers. Please let our mother know that we have sent her a few letters and cards and hopefully she will receive them soon. Please ask her to call when she can.

    Kind Regards,

    Glenn Dunlap

    • GaryC says:

      Glenn — Thanks for the nice note. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner. Internet access is spotty here at times! Trying to get caught up on blogging. I think you’ve spoken to Vivian by now, but I will certainly let her know we communicated!

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