The book is done and a release party is planned

For those who are Facebook friends with me or whom I see in person, or communicate with via email, there probably won’t be anything new here. This is mostly for those who follow my wandering via this blog.

The book I worked on for a year, Dancing with Gogos: A Peace Corps Memoir, is finished and has been published with the help of CreateSpace and Peace Corp Writers. CreateSpace is a subsidiary of, the big Internet company known for selling books and just about everything else. Peace Corps Writers is a program of Peace Corps Worldwide and its primary purpose is to help Peace Corps volunteers and former volunteers publish their books. “Dancing” is available at my website,, through (both as an actual book and as a Kindle download), and locally in Lane County at Tsunami Books on Willamette Street and at the Book Nest on Mohawk Blvd. in Springfield. In Florence it will be available at the Florence Events Center on Saturday, Sept. 27, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the annual Florence Festival of Books.

I was interviewed a couple of days ago by the Peace Corps Writers editor, Marian Haley Beil, and that is published at the site yesterday. Here’s the link: .

And finally, an update on my Parkinson’s: I saw my neurologist a couple of weeks ago and he pronounced me as fit as ever, that is, the symptoms have not progressed to any appreciable degree. They are about the same as when I was first diagnosed in Pretoria in March of 2013. I have a slight tremor in my left hand that comes and goes, my gait and balance are affected slightly, occasionally, and my voice is softer than it used to me. Still no medications; and I participate in a monthly support group at the hospital. Still waiting to hear from Michael J. Fox about doing a PSA with me! . . . . Thanks to all for past, present and future support.

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I'm a retired mental health worker, a returned Peace Corps volunteer (South Africa, 2012-2013), and a writer. I live in Eugene, Oregon with the world's best dog, Carly. My card describes me also as "Jack-of-few-Trades, Master of Some", non-profit supporter, friend, grandpa and world traveler.
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